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03/29/21 10:12 PM #33    

Bill Macoy

His life wasn't all leisure, writing and study.  He founded an Academy in Bar Harbor and was President and Head Master for a good many years.  Leonard Haertter predicted it in the JBS 1963 yearbook.

03/29/21 10:14 PM #34    

Bill Macoy

Sam's faithful companion Pru is always at his side.

03/29/21 10:26 PM #35    

Bill Macoy

No stick is too long or to sour tasting to prevent Pru from retrieving it.

03/29/21 10:29 PM #36    

Bill Macoy

Pru patiently waits for the next throw while Sam ambles ever onward knowing Pru will always come running.

03/29/21 10:32 PM #37    

Bill Macoy

The marvelous stone bridges flatten the roads at every valley and crevice in the rocky ice age terrain.

03/29/21 10:44 PM #38    

Bill Macoy

The forest on Mount Desert Island grows a variety of Red spruce, fir, and hemlock; while pines fill the mountainsides and white spruce thrives along the fog-drenched shoreline.  But there is also a huge variety of lichens, mosses, fungi, other kinds of plants carpeting the forest floor.

03/29/21 10:48 PM #39    

Bill Macoy

An unbelievably lush carpet some how thrives on the stony ground and makes it soft and fluffy.

03/29/21 10:51 PM #40    

Bill Macoy

Life grows abundantly on this rocky pile.

03/29/21 10:56 PM #41    

Bill Macoy

The abundant rocks like enormous bricks were put to good use in building the 45 miles roads and bridges especially for hiking, biking, and horses with or without carriages.  Not to wonder, they was built by a Rockafeller.

03/29/21 11:01 PM #42    

Bill Macoy

The view from above the town overlooking Bar Harbor is peaceful, colorful, and stunning.

03/29/21 11:08 PM #43    

Bill Macoy

That's OK can leave that stick here for now.  There will be other sticks to chase in the future. Just stick by Sam for now.  Your gonna enjoy North Carolina!!!

03/30/21 11:10 AM #44    

Ellie Walz (Svenson)

Bill, I cannot thank you enough for sending these photos.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Maine coast to attend the wedding of a friend's daughter several years ago.  It was held in a quaint old church with the reception in a tent on the property of the groom's parents overlooking the coast.  


03/30/21 02:59 PM #45    


Victoria Hinrichs (Silks)

 Dear BIll Macoy  et all.  Wow. so very moving to read all you had to say about Sam , and see the Maine pictures which made me very nostalgic for our time there. Of course when Dad and Mum ran AIC  on Alamoosook Lake, Penobscott bay , sailing etc. etc. Then when my husband and son and I all lived in Sheepscott, Maine for a number of years .. Fond fond memories. I hope Sam retains some of them . I didn't know him that well back  at Burroughs.. but its  heart warmin to hear all of you speak so eloquently of him . 

Sending love to all from Mexico... VicTORIa Hinrichs Silks







04/01/21 10:34 AM #46    

Liz Birge (Curren)

Thanks so much for the pictures. They gave a wonderful feeling of smeone who loved nature. I did not know Sam well but will write Sam.  I can picture him in his new location outside enjoying the world.  My daughter and I went to Bar Harbor for a vacation two years ago and the pictures are especially meaningful for the that reason too.  Liz

05/28/22 01:23 PM #47    

Judy Chasnoff (Smith)

Dear Class mates,

Thanks to all for sharing the updates on Sam and the fabulous photos of what must have been a very beloved place for Sam. So beautiful!

I just discovered this mesage location on our site! So i woul slike to say hello to all. Visit me in NM if you ever come NM way.


05/29/22 07:36 AM #48    

Carl Hirth


Hello All   

Thanks Judy and Bill for sharing pics of Sam and MDI.

Brings back memories of several visits to the area in the Fall.  IF anyone is going, also check out Schoodic Penninsula just a short boat ride from MDI.  With less people and nice hiking and biking roads, we found Schoodic was more peaceful than bar Harbor.  

A Happy Summer and Memorial Day to everyone!


01/25/23 09:17 AM #49    

Judy Chasnoff (Smith)

Happy Birthday david from Judy 


03/20/23 07:03 AM #50    

Elinor Horner

Hello everyone.

I posted this note below on Sam's profile page but am copying it here, as well.


Hello everyone, on behalf of Sam.  
As some of you know, he has been living with his daughter Wendy in North Carolina for a couple of years now.  His dementia finally progressed enough that he is now living in a near-by assisted living facility.  Wendy visits him often.  If you'd like to send him a card you can do that by sending the card to him at Wendy's address, below.  He is unable to talk on the phone, and his understanding of conversations isn't good, but a card might be nice if you feel so inclined.  It's sad to see Sam so diminished.  I guess the blessing is that though he certainly knows about his disease, he also passes his time mostly pleasantly, watching old movies.  However, his mighty brain is pretty broken.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at  And warmest greetings to everyone.  I hope to see as many of you as possible at our 60th (!!) in October.  
Wendy's address:
12 Feather and Tale Trail
Fairview, NC  28730

03/21/23 04:24 PM #51    

Sue Schaefer

Thank you for this update on Sam; it sounds like he is getting the care and love he needs.  I will mail a card to him care of Wendy.  Sue





06/01/23 08:10 AM #52    

Chuck Wilson

I have an update for myself and my wife (JoAnn)...  We have moved to Florida.  Our address is:  28478 Montecristo Loop, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.  If anybody ever heads this way, please let me know and we can get together.  After 53 years of marriage, we decided to try something different with what years we have left!  Adult Summer Camp...!!!!  Hope you all are well and happy!  Take care!!

06/04/23 04:11 PM #53    

Ellie Walz (Svenson)

Chuck. My sisters and I have a condo on the beach on Sanibel.  Currently, we cannot go there due to damage from Ian; however, things are looking good for 2024!!!


03/09/24 03:34 PM #54    

Judy Chasnoff (Smith)

Dear Classmates,

I am glad to read the updates and stories and that those of you who wrote are well.

 Not loving cmputers much I have avoided navigating this site, though I have attempted posting notes at times Maybe I will succeed this time. I was so sorry to miss our 60th reunion. My docotrs finally daignosed me with long term covid. A ranging .series of fairly mild but teting effectssthat caused weight loss, dizzyness and sometimes confusion. Happy to report taht i amd much better. It sure helped also yo have catatck surgery; i feel safer driving and was surprised to look in the mirror to see how gray I have become!

Since retired i am  enjoying gardening, birdwatching , hiking with Friends (can now see bird colors again!!)

and spending time with grandchilsren

I am still live in Abququerque near  son, Jacob , maried to Kayleigh and  his family ( Dylan 9, Daisy 4). they are10 min from my home. Jacob has his own business (see Eagles installed at venue in  Queens Stadiun .

Son Geoff (lawyer)and wife Alexandra (social commuity reserch for Rice U) and Jack age 4 are  in NJ.  

 Emily and partner James live in Houston... Both teach: Emily at Houston LawSchool and James at Rice U: (math/advancrd computer program for medical reserach).

Best wishes to all... come visit NM!!

Sincerely, Judy


03/10/24 11:14 AM #55    

Ellie Walz (Svenson)

How wonderful to hear from you, Judy.  Hang in there.  Yes, it's wonderful to see colors again!   Take care and hope you are gaining strength as you cope with long-term covid.   Ellie Svenson (Ellen as you knew me!)

03/11/24 06:44 PM #56    

Barbie Deem (Anderson)


Its wonderful to see all these mesages starting with Will's in 2021. I have been wondering about everyone and was afraid this forum would end with a memorial for Sam, but I rakke it he is still doing okay if diminished. I am  alive and relatively well, still with husband Phil in St George Maine (son Pete is Food service manager at the k-12 school on Islesboro.) Brother Richard's graddaughter Ellen is getting married in  Colorado, so that will be our adventure for the year. Still fantasize about driving all over to see friends in DC, NM, Arizona, California - and ? ... stay tuned, who knows?! Love and best wishes to all from "Barbie Deem"!


03/13/24 05:47 PM #57    

Elinor Horner

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know, belatedly, that Sam Eliot's BD is the 27th of March.  If you feel like sending him a card, that might be nice.  He is struggling now with end-stage Lewy Body Disease, but has some good times with his daughter Wendy.

Wendy Eliot's address is:

12 Feather and Tale Trail

Fairview, NC  28730

I know that Wendy will be happy to bring him cards and read them to him.

All is well here in Dedham, MA.  We are getting along after losing Katy (dear daughter in law) last Oct., which is why I missed the runion.  I was so bummed not to be there!  My son Steve, Katy's husband, is pretty shattered, but woking and moving forward as best he can. 

I am grateful for good health and an active life.  Still working on a never-ending book project, hanging out with my three doggies.  Nearly retired.  I've missed traveling and hope to get back to New Zealand in the fall.  (That trip, planned and booked, was also cancelled last fall because of Katy's illness.)

Best wishes to everyone.  I hope we can have another reunion before 2028!  Life is precious, right?  And it's sobering to be VERY "senior."  I prefer the word "elder."  :-) 



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